Florida Statewide Pediatric Neurology Grand Rounds

A collaboration of pediatric neurologists from around the state of Florida to help physicians and advanced practice providers learn about the latest advances in  pediatric neurology.

Optic Neuritis,Transverse Myelitis and ADEM

A review of recent literature in evaluation and management  of these entities.

Sleep For the Pediatric Neurologist

Dr Jose Colon Jr. presents the basics of sleep medicine as well as practical pearls for the practicing pediatric neurology practitioner.

TS and Infantile Spasms; Can We Do Better (12/5/2017)

This talks looks at the evolving literature looking at the relationship of seizures, developmental delay and autism in the first year of life for patients with tuberous sclerosis, particularly those who develop infantile spasms.

Epilepsy in Infants (11/14/2017)

Afebrile seizures in infants are commonly encountered by the practicing pediatric neurology practitioner. This talks highlights the importance of factors including the neurodevelopmental exam, brain imaging and response to antiseizure medications in determining prognosis and need for alternative strategies if seizures are not controlled.