Patient Care
Pediatric Neurology

To provide excellent care for your child, we use the most advanced diagnostic techniques and the latest medical treatments for a wide range of neurological conditions. In some cases, when standard treatments have not worked, experimental therapies may be an option. Our pediatric neurologists work with pediatric specialists in neurosurgery, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, oncology, orthopedics, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology, and psychiatry to provide the best comprehensive care for our patients.

What You Can Expect

Whether you are coming to us for an outpatient clinic appointment or an inpatient hospital admission, our team will provide your child with the best and most compassionate care.

Patient Care

Pediatric Epilepsy Program

Both the pediatric epilepsy specialists and general pediatric neurologists treat children with first-time seizures and those with straightforward epilepsy syndromes.

Plastic model of half of the human brain

Precision Ketogenic Therapy

Precision Ketogenic Therapy (PKT) is a dietary therapy to reduce seizures. PKT is frequently used when other therapies for epilepsies such as medications have failed.

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New Patient Referrals

We are constantly working to expand our services and availability in our practice that will enable us to better serve our patients.

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